Thursday, November 4, 2010

At Last! Construction Begins at Eustis Street Fire House

On a sunny, spring-like day last week, men in hard hats with heavy equipment rolled up to the Eustis Street Fire House to begin the process of bringing new life (and light) to the long neglected historic building .

The first order of business: electricity! Like most people, the NStar personnel , there to dig the trench that will bring power to the structure, were intrigued by the history of the fire house and plans for its future. So when they discovered a layer of cobblestones in the street, which would make their work a lot more difficult, they cheerfully offered to stockpile them for us for future use - perhaps to incorporate into our new walkway. (To see how Eustis Street looked when it was paved with cobblestones, see the historic image at the bottom of this blog post).

It has taken much more time and effort to start rehabilitation of the fire house than anyone expected. But with the help of a committed and creative team that patiently helped us navigate through every unimaginable obstacle, we’ve arrived. We look forward to sharing lots of updates and photos on our progress in the months to come as we work our way toward a spring ribbon-cutting celebration.