Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Historic Boston Home For Sale

We are pleased to present the 1804 Anna Clapp Harris Smith House for sale to prospective buyers. Nestled at the base of the Jones Hill Historic District on Pleasant Street in Dorchester, the Clapp House is the former home of the founder of the Animal Rescue League and is one of Boston’s few remaining Federal period farmhouses. The Clapp House has a rich and unique history and provides 2800 square feet of living space on a large parcel with 10,000 square feet of land.

The house, which is the inaugural project of the Handmade Houses Program, a 1772 Foundation supported partnership between HBI and North Bennet Street School’s preservation carpentry program, has experienced considerable physical improvements over the past year. The partners have rebuilt chimneys and foundations, removed façade shingles, and installed a new Federal style door, thereby transforming the appearance of the historic house. North Bennet Street School and HBI continue to bring top craftsmanship to the preservation of this unique building, and we hope to find the right buyer who will complete its rehabilitation and become a passionate steward of this historic property.

To learn more about acquiring the Anna Clapp Harris Smith House, the building’s unique features, or about the restoration progress, please visit the following links or visit HBI’s website. For more information, please call Michael Tilford at 617-227-4679.

New Life for an Old House in Dorchester
Building a Foundation at 65 Pleasant Street
Moving Forward Through the Past
Party at 65 Pleasant Street!
Behind the Scences at the Anna Clapp Harris Smith House


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