Thursday, October 13, 2011

100th post on our Blog

We launched the blog on April Fool’s Day in 2010 with a brief note that it would be the place to find HBI news. We followed that with a behind-the-scenes look at preservation of the Anna Clapp Harris Smith House at 65 Pleasant Street in Dorchester.

The blog has become a forum for highlighting our mission. We want to

• show that we are having a positive impact on our communities by preserving the historic places that enhance Boston’s neighborhoods.

• create a stronger future for this city by performing quality work and re-deploying historic buildings in a way that meets current market needs.

• our work to be meaningful to the communities in which they are located and for that we work closely with community partners to plan priority investments.

Among other things, this blog allows us to share what we are doing. Our projects are interesting with many unexpected twists and turns, and we are continually finding out more about the history of our city that unfolds as a series of forgotten surprises. So this blog invites our friends and partners to join in the excitement. We hope that this spurs a greater interest in neighborhood development and encourages others to take on projects of their own.

This blog has also given us a stronger voice so that we can reach more people and get them excited about the potential of the historic places in this modern and growing city. As we have shown over and again, preservation is a vital actor in Boston’s economic development and sense of place, but it is a role that requires consistent enthusiasm, determination and cooperation.

So, we hope you will participate in the stories of the moment and tell us what you think. This is, in essence, an on-line extension of our physical city so we hope it is a place where we can encourage discussion and sharing of relevant events and information. To learn and participate more, send an e-mail, call, or better yet, post something.

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