Friday, April 6, 2012

Fold it up, and bring the Roslindale substation home with you!

Local Roslindale artist and designer Brad Harris has done it again! Harris, a Roslindale resident and active volunteer for Roslindale Village Main Streets, has designed another fun and creative marketing item to promote and educate people on the importance of the historic MBTA substation. He designed a template, which can be cut out, and folded up, to become a mini substation. The little fold up building also helps to tell people a little about the substation's history, and how its repurposing will help to meet community goals. Recently,  HBI and Roslindale Village Main Streets were designated by the BRA to develope a plan that brings the substation back to life.

Harris' work is already well known in Roslindale, for the posters that he has created to publicize different places and events in the community. 

Learn more about the substation and fold up one of your own by printing out the image below.

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