Friday, July 13, 2012

Keep up with Stacey Cordeiro and 65 Pleasant Street on her new blog

Stacey Cordeiro, the new owner of the Anna Clapp Harris Smith House at 65 Pleasant Street, has started a blog! This first time home buyer is undertaking the project of a lifetime, working to transform her new-old house into a home. Stacey is currently the business manager for  Living Structures, Inc. small residential remodeling contractor, which focuses on energy efficiency and sustainable building. She is also a trained carpenter, and energy consultant, who is passionate about taking on this project, and doing the renovation herself. The work at 65 Pleasant Street is now in full swing, and due to popular interest, she is now documenting it on her new blog. The blog, went up recently, but it is already packed with great images and updates. Congratulations Stacey! We look forward to seeing the great work that you are doing!

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