Friday, April 5, 2013

Hayden Building Turnaround Killed the Boston Phoenix

This note was found afixed to a door in the Hayden Building,
and has been kept by HBI as a souvenir of its Combat Zone days
A little overly dramatic, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but this isn’t really an April Fools Day post. 

Curbed Boston this week cited the Hayden Building’s restoration as the last gasp of the edgy Combat Zone on Lower Washington Street – now the fast-growing “Midtown” – and the end of the edgy advertising that, Curbed says, kept the Phoenix afloat.  It won’t be the first time we’ve been accused of gentrification; but we know that – no joke -- had HBI not intervened on the Hayden Building 20 years ago, it just wouldn’t be there right now.  Change is a fact of life, even for historic buildings.  

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