Friday, January 31, 2014

Construction at the Kittredge House: Tour Number 2

The garden level apartment,
taking shape at the Kittredge House 
A lot has happened at the Kittredge House since our last update. Today I stopped by to see some of the changes. One of the most notable additions is the work that has been done on the garden apartment, which will be on the lower level of the Kittredge House. This apartment features a bedroom in a newly rebuilt bay that extends into the backyard. A substantial amount of the interior framing has been completed, where it had just begun to be mapped out before.  Now you can walk through the apartments and see how the spaces are going to flow together.

By this point much of the original material that had been compromised by rot has been taken out. Metric has replaced a beam, as well as a lot of the structural framing on the rear of the building. The roof is being rebuilt as well. The rear area of the roof has been redesigned to accommodate the new mechanical systems. This new section is in place, which allows for the removal of part of the big blue tarp that has been covering it for so long. Finally you can see out of the cupola! Work on the cupola has also uncovered relics of the significant fire damage that the building sustained in the past.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Kittredge House coming soon, and watch the video tour of the cupola below.
-Gillian Lang, HBI Office Manager

Charred wood, dramatic evidence of
a fire in the Kittredge House

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