Friday, April 4, 2014

HBI Receives $25,000 grant from Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation for Vertullo Building

Just as HBI celebrates completion of the $1 million Trilogy Fund capital campaign, it is pleased to announce a new grant of $25,000 for phase two improvements to Hyde Park’sVertullo Building.

Built in 1868 and a rare surviving building from the year that the Town of Hyde Park was incorporated, the Vertullo Building is currently undergoing comprehensive restoration of its 1890s storefronts along with system upgrades that will service the first floor’s five small business spaces.  

The grant from Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation is targeted for Phase Two restoration of the building.  These improvements will focus on the upper floors of the building, restoring the historic windows, removing shingles and restoring the original clapboards and corner boards, re-creating the Victorian period brackets beneath the eaves that once decorated the building, and painting the entire building in period paint colors.  This scope of work is planned for summer 2014.

Headquartered in the Cleary and Logan Squares Main Street district near the Vertullo Building, the Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation, established in 2011, extends Blue Hills Bank’s support for the communities it serves through investments in non-profit organizations that work in human services, affordable housing and community development, the arts and education. 

HBI is very excited to have Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation as a partner on the Vertullo Building and is grateful for the Foundation’s generosity.  

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