Friday, May 2, 2014

Springtime at the Kittredge House

It’s been about four months since we checked in at the Kittredge House, and there has been a lot of progress made. Now that drywall is up, and the kitchen cabinets are in, the spaces are really starting to feel like apartments. Some of the more recent big developments have been the construction of the back patio, and the puddingstone retaining wall (more on that in a different post) as well as the tile work in the bathrooms, and the installation of the bathroom vanities. On the outside of the building Metric has installed the new entablature, which will soon be sitting on six beautiful columns. The columns, which are a mixture of new and rehabilitated, will be arriving in June.

The newest video of the Kittredge House is taken from the same spot that the first video was taken, back in December. It is at the doorway, looking into one of the second floor apartments. This apartment is one of the two affordable apartments that will be in the Kittredge House.

With two months until our date of completion, the apartments are really coming together. The team is picking out paint colors and the phones have been ringing with those interested in renting. If you are interested in living in one of the five beautiful apartments in the Kittredge House, call Certified Property Management at 617-738-6606.

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