Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is Hyde Park the Next JP or Roslindale?

Are you up to the rafters with your home-based business and need more space? Is the food truck getting just a bit too small and you want to plant some retail roots? Have you been wondering where the next hot and hip neighborhood will be for your next coffee shop location?

Well, consider the charming historic neighborhood of Hyde Park.

HBI has just completed the storefront renovation work on the oldest remaining structure from Hyde Park’s settlement, the Bonnie-Keith Block (1868) commonly known as the Vertullo Building. As part of the revitalization of Cleary Square, the Vertullo Building offers great opportunity for storefront exposure for micro retail businesses. It would be a perfect location for a coffee shop, specialty food shop, wine store, small grocery, specialty retail, or convenience store.
Please contact our property manager or let us know if you have a business looking for a great storefront location or if you know someone who would be a great retail business for the neighborhood. 


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