Friday, September 12, 2014

Act Fast...Rent the Last Apartment at the Kittredge House

We’re happy to announce that two families have moved into the Alvah Kittredge house, and we’ve already heard from one that they are really enjoying their new home.   Two more families will be moving in soon, but we still have one of the apartments available to rent.  We’re surprised it wasn’t the first to go, as it has a little more historic paneling than some of the others, as well as a great view of the column capitals and Boston skyline. 

We recently did a staged photo shoot with photographer Greg Premru (before any tenants moved in) and will be sharing the resulting photos soon, but here’s a sneak preview of two shots of the apartment that’s still available.  If you’re interested, contact Cornerstone Real Estate to see it in person:  617.238.7403.  The address of the house is 10 Linwood Street, Fort Hill, Roxbury.

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