Friday, October 10, 2014

New Information on the Life of Alvah Kittredge

Since HBI’s dedication of the Alvah Kittredge House in August, we’ve been regularly asked “Who was Alvah Kittredge?”  

Fort Hill resident and Roxbury Historic Society member Jason Turgeon recently sent us links to several on-line books published by Eliot Congregational Church’s prolific 19th century pastor-writer A.C. Thompson.  Among these are sermons preached at the funerals of Kittredge and his wife Mehitable.  But the third, Eliot Memorial Sketches Historical and Biographical of the Eliot Church and Society in Boston had a very nice summary of Deacon Kittredge’s life in Roxbury and is filled with many other interesting profiles of Roxberians of that era. 

Click here to see the book and read more.

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