Friday, February 27, 2015

Historic Boston’s Proposal Among Two Finalists for Upham’s Corner Comfort Station

There’s no finer place in which to make a presentation than Dorchester’s Strand Theater, and that’s where HBI, The American City Coalition (TACC) and bicycle entrepreneur Noah Hicks presented their partnership proposal for rehabilitation of the 1922 Uphams Corner Comfort Station to an audience of about fifty area residents on February 24th.

One of two active proposals for designation to development the historic building submitted to the City of Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development, the HBI/TACC/Hicks proposal for Bike-Kitchen, a combined bicycle repair shop and café, was warmly received by meeting participants. To see the Powerpoint presentation, click here. The other proponent for the property, educator Abram Auguste, has proposed the building as a licensed early education center by day that would double as a tutoring center for adults in the evenings.

Neighbors’ comments and feedback supported uses that would enhance the community’s access to the historic building and enliven the southeast side of Upham’s Corner’s Columbia Road with a community oriented use. The Comfort Station is surrounded by the 1630 Dorchester North Burying Ground and meeting attendees universally endorsed interpreting the history of the burying ground and Uphams Corner inside the Comfort Station.

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