Friday, October 16, 2015

Laying New Paths at Roxbury's Eliot Burying Ground

New Stonework

In August 2014, the Historic Burying Ground Initiative, a part of the Boston Parks and Recreation Department received a grant from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Signature Urban Parks Program. A portion of that grant was allocated to renovating the Eliot Burying Ground that sits adjacent to HBI’s Eustis Street Fire House. The firm of Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture, Inc., headed up the design, and renovations took place over the course of a year. The burial ground was established in the 1630s and is the oldest burial ground in Roxbury.

Example of interpretive sign
Last month the temporary chain-link fence was finally taken down, marking the official completion of renovations.  Concrete pavers have replaced the worn asphalt paths and the picket fence that surrounds the grounds has been restored and painted. In addition there are now four interpretive signs which provide background on the history of the people and the site itself.

Historic Boston would like to congratulate the Boston Parks Department’s Historic Burying Grounds Initiative on their stewardship and extend a big thank you to the state for funding this important project. If you’re interested in visiting the burying grounds stop by Historic Boston’s office at 20 Eustis St Roxbury, MA.

To see more pictures of the transformation check out our page on flickr:



  1. what hours is the burying ground open to the public?

    1. Hi Josh, the Burying Grounds are open to the public every day. The gate is no longer locked.