Monday, November 30, 2015

Perkins + Will to Lead the Design Team in Redeveloping the Fowler Clark Epstein Farm

It is with great pleasure that HBI announces the addition of Perkins + Will (P+W) to the design team for the renovation and redevelopment of the Fowler Clark Epstein Farm to become the home and headquarters for the Urban Farming Institute (UFI).

P+W approached HBI through UFI and The Trust for Public Land (TPL), two of our development partners, with the purpose of committing the resources of their pro bono program and Social Responsibility Initiative (SRI) to the important work of renovating and repurposing of the historic Fowler Clark Epstein house and barn and designing of the landscape around the ¾ acre Mattapan site for urban farming.

Every year, P+W contributes the equivalent of a 15-person firm working full-time to provide pro bono services to organizations in communities who would otherwise not have such access. P+W empowers their offices to engage in their communities on a local level. With a global perspective, supported by local engagement, social responsibility is a core value of the firm and integral to their projects.

P+W will be coordinating the work of the engineers and landscape architects needed to provide full service design and engineering services for the successful delivery of the redevelopment of the Fowler Clark Epstein Farm.

HBI applauds the mission of the Perkins + Will Social Responsibility Initiative and along with our partners, UFI and TPL, thank them for their generous gift to the project, and look forward to working with them on the redevelopment of the Fowler Clark Epstein Farm.    

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