Monday, January 11, 2016

Sip and Spoke Bike Kitchen Needs You!

Dorchester entrepreneur Noah Hicks recently launched an Indie Go Go campaign to raise $50,000 of start-up capital for his new business -- The Sip and Spoke Bike Kitchen in the historic Upham’s Corner Comfort Station.   
A bike repair and coffee shop, Sip and Spoke Bike Kitchen is located on Columbia Road near the new Fairmount line and will be a transformative project in the Upham’s Corner neighborhood, adding jobs, fostering a local business, and enhancing a blighted building.  In a short time, Sip and Spoke has raised over $8,000 of the $50,000 funding need.   

In 2015 Historic Boston (HBI) and The American City Coalition (TACC) were designated by the City of Boston to rehabilitate the 1912 comfort station. A building that once served passengers on Boston’s long gone streetcar system, the Upham’s Corner

Comfort Station’s exciting new use demonstrates the value of preserving and re-activating historic buildings.    

HBI and TACC are proud to support Noah and encourage friends of our organizations to consider investing in Noah’s cause. To read more about Noah’s campaign click here.

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